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5 Reasons why wearing a watch makes a man very attractive


As most women know, accessories make the outfit. When it comes to men, however, it is said that accessories can actually make men more attractive. Once such an accessory is the wristwatch. If you have stopped wearing a watch because you feel that it has been replaced by your smartphone, you may want to rethink your decision.


Reasons why watches make men attractive


As the saying goes, boys check their cell phone, but real men check their watches for the time. There is something really attractive about a man who is not attached to his smartphone. The watch makes a man look like a grown-up, instead of the boy who starts out by checking the time, then moves on to his social media, and continues to be distracted by the phone. A real man has his priorities straight.


A watch makes a man more confident. Confidence makes a man more attractive. In the James Bond movies, when the beautiful woman asks him what time it is, he does not fumble for his phone. He confidently takes a look at his wristwatch. He always gets the woman.


Watches give a man a sense of style. Watches had a subtle sense of style. They are not usually the first accessory noticed on a man. However, when they are noticed, people are impressed that you would take that extra step and add a watch to your wardrobe.


Watches allow men to add a touch of insight on who they are. A man can quietly express who they are with the type of watch that they choose. This gives a person a chance to find out something about you, without you hitting them over the head. Watches can also be a form of art. So, put the phone away and wear your watch instead. Read on mens watch for more ideas.


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